about the author

Leonard Kearon, MSc, was born and raised in Waterford City, Ireland. He graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology with a Master of Science. His strong love of history inspired him to write history leaflets for various locations in Waterford City as well as his first book, The Saga of the Déise. His strong love of comics, anime, manga along with ancient mythology inspired him to write The Legend of Circe: Circe’s Awakening.

about the book

Circe Goodwin is a normal teenage girl who lives in Sunsport, Hibernia. She is loved by her adopted father, goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and can fire energy blasts from her hands. Wait… That’s not normal. Yeah, Circe doesn’t think so either. Attending Sunsport Super School’s basic hero training course to learn to control her new powers; Circe will learn a lot about herself, her past, and her powers, while making new friends and maybe more…

However, Circe’s dreams warn of ancient forces from Hibernia’s past are planning a return. What do they want with Circe, and how does it link to a recent burglary at a museum? Get ready for a fun, exciting adventure, as Circe and her classmates are about to get a crash course in being a hero. But keep your eyes open, for secrets lurk everywhere, many of which will shape Circe’s past, present, and future.


London Book Fair 2024

If you are the London Book Fair from now until Thursday, chrck out you might see my Book displayed. Huge Thanks to Austin Macauley and Chris of the Combined Book Exhibit for making this possible. ........

SuirCon 2023

Counting down to SuirCon 2023.  December 2nd & 3rd, 2023 - 10am to 6pm The Large Room, City Hall, The MallWaterford

6 month Anniversary!

Today (28th October) is the 6th month anniversary of The Legend of Circe: Circe’s Awakening from Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd being published. At lot has happened in those six months and to ........


Awesome Art

Check out this awesome art of Circe and her girlfriend Princess Edelgard from my book The Legend of Circe: Circe's Awakening by @SMKittyKat over on Twitter. I love it. To learn more about them, ........

Awesome Art

A huge Thank You to Nick Roche for this awesome pic of Circe from my book The Legend of Circe: Circe's Awakening, that he did at the 1st Waterford International Festival of Comics & Art. The Le ........

SuirCon 2023 Done!

SuirCon2023 is done! I had an amazing time. Huge thanks to all those who bought The Legend of CIrce: Circe's Awakening or just stopped to say hi, or just stopped to read the blurb. Also a huge thank y ........


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